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America First Revisited


When Trump unveiled his America First doctrine a few months back, it marked a welcome shift from the (((neoconservative))) foreign policy that’s dominated the Republican party since the Reagan administration. Though his America First embodies the all-important duty of the state to place its citizens and their interests before those of the outside world, I expressed some skepticism at the the decidedly (((neocon))) tendencies—defend Israel, war with the Middle East, and antagonizing Iran—of what was otherwise a muscular Americentrism.

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Sharia In Denmark

Judith Bergmann

  • “All the bullying happens in Arabic… The hierarchy of the Arab boys creates a very violent environment. … I have filmed the particularly vile bullying of a Somali boy. You can see the tears in his eyes. They are destroying him; it is very violent. “ — From a dissertation by Jalal El Derbas, Ph.D.
  • Danish teachers are the least respected and are spoken of in denigrating and humiliating terms.
  • “I am not saying that all the Arab children did ugly things, but we witnessed on a regular basis… using derogatory Arabic language towards Somalis and girls.” — Lise Egholm, former head of the Rådmandsgade school in Copenhagen.
  • Whether Danish parliamentarians wish to acknowledge this problem or not, they are up against far wider issues than that of religious incitement in mosques by radical preachers.

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The Pro-Colonial Trilogy: 55 Days at Peking, Zulu, & The Sand Pebbles

Zulu3,686 words

55 Days at Peking (1963), Zulu (1964), and The Sand Pebbles (1966) aren’t part of an actual trilogy, and aside from Zulu, the films aren’t necessarily about colonialist projects in the strictest sense. Additionally, the movies are produced, written, and directed by entirely different people. However, they are remarkably similar in some ways, and they all have a pro-white rule vibe.

The 1960s were a radical, change-filled decade. Part of the reason for this change was that the last of Europe’s Empires started to break up during that decade. France was driven from Algeria in 1962, and Portugal dealt with a fierce insurgency in its colonial Empire. The Congolese reverted to savagery the very instant Belgium left in 1960. Across the globe the non-white hordes came under their own control — to varying, mostly negative, results. When Lothrop Stoddard wrote about white supremacy in 1920, he was discussing an existing situation where whites ruled all over the Earth. In the 1960s “white supremacy” became a lurking, mostly imaginary menace used by organizations such as the SPLC and the NAACP to gain funds and sympathy.

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An Occupied Country


When people refer to occupation governments or occupied countries, the first thought is often of military occupation—the garrisoning of foreign troops in one’s cities and civil administration by their military executives. The other vision is the trope of a cabal of Haredim sitting in a darkly-lit boardroom with a map of the world on the wall, a dated reading of the Jewish Question (JQ) based on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which was understandably popularized after the ((((Bolshevik)))) conquest of Russia.

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Mission Matters

Any worthwhile political movement or campaign needs a compelling mission or animating purpose of some kind, and it has to go beyond getting elected. The mission does not have to explain the minutiae of ideology or policy implementation, rather it must encapsulate them. No matter how vague or platitude-laden this mission statement is, it has to resonate with people and it has to be a future-state. “I like how things were yesterday” has rarely been good enough in the battle of ideas. Read More »

How Trumpenvolk Talk

NRO writer and Republican Party ship-jumper Jay Nordlinger is having a hard time. He is deeply concerned, troubled even, by how mean the alt-right is to him and the rest of his magazine on social media and in comments sections. In a recent article, “How Trump Folk Talk: A Political Movement and Its Lexicon,” Nordlinger tries to unpack some of our metapolitical dictionary and refute the charges of being a neocohen, cuckservative, Hillary supporter, and the like, which are coming at him from not just the alt-right’s meme army but from even Trump’s normie supporters. It was a nice try, but Nordlinger’s sad mewling is unconvincing. Let’s get a real explanation of why the alt-right is in the right, and NRO is in the trash heap of ideology when it comes to vocabulary: Read More »

America’s Ship of Theseus Paradox and the Third Demographic Transition


Suppose you replaced each and every plank of a wooden ship as they grew worn or became damaged, with the ultimate result being a ship refitted with entirely new timber and the original materials nowhere to be found. Is it the same ship, or more specifically, is the totally refitted ship the same ship as the original? The Greco-Roman philosopher Plutarch notably posed the Ship of Theseus paradox in the first century and it has been an integral question to understanding identity, continuity, and change-over-time ever since.

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The Global Favela

Reality has a well-known racist bias. And the White minstrel and courtier Stephen Colbert veered a little too close to what leftists used to call the reality-based community when describing the chaos of the upcoming Rio Olympics.

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15 Types of Anti-Trump Commenters

Yes, this is a listicle. The (((New York Times))) recently ran an article titled “For Whites Sensing Decline, Donald Trump Unleashes Words of Resistance,” which contains a good survey of archetypical anti-Trump commenters. It should be noted that I have been following their coverage for a long time, and this particular article actually had a lot of pro-Trump comments. Those kinds of comments are still dwarfed by these shitlib archetypes, whom I had more fun compiling than I should have:

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No Country For Nice White Families

Browsing Twitter after the latest  non-White slaughter of White people has become depressingly mundane, this time we prayed for Nice, this time last week we prayed for Dallas, where we pray for next week is down to the coloured people, it always is these days. Richard Spencer posted a graphic video of the dead bodies in Nice before the French police wrapped them in blankets and those strangely futuristic tinfoil style body bags. What interested me was the manner in which the victims, particularly the men, were dressed. To be blunt about it, will Europeans become subjugated, slaughtered and raped out of existence while attired in Nike flipflops and matching chino shorts and polo T-shirt combo?

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Investigating Kulak Unrest at the (((New York Times)))

A recent article in the (((New York Times))), titled “For Whites Sensing Decline, Donald Trump Unleashes Words of Resistance,” takes on the intersection of the Trump campaign and the rise of the alt-right. I’ve written on the Trump-fueled growth of White identity politics before in addition to being quoted in the (((Times))) on winning the meme war, so I always feel pretty damn comfy when this stuff comes across my newsfeed from a non-movement source. While these articles aim to spook normies by quoting the Hitleresque villains of progressive folklore and providing their odious perspectives with minimal spin, they also spread our propaganda. Like many articles of this genre, it is inadvertently honest about demographic issues being central to “White resentment,”even if the authors believe the resentment felt by these goyish kulaks is unjustified. The article still directly exposes the audience to facts of demography, like how “in states like Texas and California, and in hundreds of cities and counties around the country, that [White-minority] future has arrived.”

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America’s Consensus Pronounced Dead


1963. Black pastor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his “I Have a Dream” speech, famously proclaiming that he wants a country where people “will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

1964. The Civil Rights Act clears the Senate by 73–27 and is signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, a White Democrat from Texas. Almost every form of discrimination “on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin” is banned in most areas of public and commercial American life. Read More »

The Nice, France Terrorist Attack, Islam, and the West


Today there was yet another terrorist attack. This time, a man in Nice, France, got in a truck, ran over a bunch of people, got out of said truck, shot a bunch of people, and then died. As of the time that I am writing, at least 80 people are known to be dead. Coming just a month after the Orlando shooting, Islamic mass murder probably seems pretty familiar by now, so let’s just cut to the chase. Read More »

White Men Can’t Jump, Black Men Can’t Shot-Put

raceandsport_frontcoverRace and Sport: Evolution and Racial Differences in Sporting Ability
Edward Dutton and Richard Lynn
London: Ulster Institute for Social Research, 2015

The Ulster Institute’s latest study in human differences will come as a pleasant surprise to those who have complained about their previous somewhat narrow focus on IQ. Race and Sport is not the first book to venture into the taboo area of innate racial differences in athletic aptitude, but it is the most thorough and systematic so far. Read More »

Rice Farming and Gene-culture Co-evolution

Rice paddies, China, circa 1917-1923 (source). To grow rice, you must cooperate with neighbors for irrigation and labor. Today, even with the shift to a post-agricultural society, Chinese from rice-farming areas display less individualism and more interdependence than Chinese from wheat-farming areas. Is this evidence of gene-culture co-evolution?

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Anyone for Christian Ethics?

Written by geebee36-6.

It is axiomatic that the rise of what is known as the ‘Alt-Right’ coincides with the increasing numbers of people in what are the traditional White Lands, who are immensely unhappy about what has become of them. It is also the result of a Great Awakening among the indigenous populations of those lands. While any summary of the nature of this unhappiness risks stating the obvious, there are angles to the overall situation which I believe require a greater awareness. The perceived problems, their origins, and the way forward in terms of addressing them, are worthy subjects for examination, if for no other reason than to provide an Aide Memoire. I shall therefore deal with these matters, in the hope that I might shed some light on them.

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Black Lives Matter and the Lies that Caused the Police Shootings in Dallas and Elsewhere

Lies cost lives. That is the lesson of the last 24 hours. In the last day, police shootings have occurred all over America. The largest one, which occurred in Dallas, TX, saw 11 police officers get shot and, so far, 5 die, during a Black Lives Matter protest. The shooter was candid about his motives: he wanted to shoot White people and especially White cops. Read More »