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Brain Size, Race, and IQ


Summary: There are four methods of measuring brain size, and studies utilizing all four methods have found that Whites have larger brains than Asians who have larger brains than Blacks. If you adjust for body size, the position of Whites and Asians flips. There are at least six lines of evidence to suggest that genes explain part of these racial differences: the differences are present at birth, around the world, the Black/White brain size gap is not smaller today than it was 100 years ago, mixed race individuals have brain sizes in-between their parent’s races, and, finally, traits that typically co-evolve with brain size differ racially in a way that mirrors brain size differences. Moreover, there is reason to think that climate was an important evolutionary factor driving these changes. Finally, racial brain size differences can account for some, but not all, of the racial IQ gaps.  Read More »

IQs of Races in the United States


Here I’m going to go over the median IQs of the main races in the United States. There are 4 sources for this.

  1. The IQ Studies
  2. SAT scores
  3. ACT scores
  4. NAEP scores
  5. TIMMS and PISA scores

And in this we will be looking at the scores for these racial categories – whites, blacks, hispanics, asians – and pacific islanders and american indians where available. Read More »

“You’re in the danger zone white boy”: Ten Blacks Attack White U.S. Army Veteran During Black Riots in Charlotte Leaving Him Severely Injured

Fight for you country abroad so that back home, black people have the right to riot and beat white people.

Right David Palmer?

David Palmer, a white US Army veteran who was deployed overseas in a pointless war to ensure black people have the right to riot/loot/burn and attack white people in America. He was attacked by 10 blacks during the black riots in Charlotte

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Western Trophies 2016: Our Modern Marathon

The dated adage that those who abscond their own history are bound to repeat it has become all but a modern cliché. Like Our American ValuesTM, Santayana’s aphorism is often invoked by anyone wishing to appeal to history as a justification for policy aimed toward the future. But this worn-down aphorism has also had the unintended side-effect of obscuring a more meaningful and relevant message–especially for the White Nationalist Counter-Semitic Alt-Right. By the end of this essay I hope to have imparted that message so that you may carry it into your daily life and the larger fight for Western, explicitly White and European, survival.

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Leaving The Fence On The Milo Issue

I do enjoy a bit of drama and Milo-Gate hasn’t let me down, I’ve spent more time than usual catching up with the latest discussions and podcasts, reading comments threads and various articles. Back in April when Milo Yiannopoulos began flirting with the Alt-Right I wrote an article  in which I expressed my dismay that a flamboyant gay Jew should be courting a movement which would see him deported to Israel, but if he was willing to help us achieve that goal then, hey, great!

So here we are half a year later, it seems like as good a time as any to assess how useful Milo has been to the cause of racial Nationalism.

The general consensus back in April, or at least my impression of it, was that we would all hold our noses and think of Aryan girls in wheat-fields and scenic images of Alaska, as a deeply irritating queer funneled the awakening White masses towards our direction. Some people in the movement became excited, this was trendy and edgy punk fascism for the millennials, others, rather wearily, pointed that Milo was just a gay Jew in drag and the whole enterprise a disaster. Read More »

r/K Selection – The Forbidden Theory

** Intro of the r vs. K concept


r/K selection theory is an incredibly powerful paradigm, capable of flaying a liberal’s mind faster than any other concept on the planet.

r stands for reproductive focus – the rabbit strategy of pumping out lots of cheap offspring and fucking whatever moves. It’s a response to overwhelming predation.

K stands for competitive focus – the wolf strategy of mating for life and raising pups together, teaching them to hunt and integrate socially with the pack. It’s a response to selective pressure for individual excellence. Read More »

National Duterteism


“The problems that bedevil our country today which need to be addressed with urgency are corruption, both in the high and low echelons in government, criminality in the streets and the rampant sale of illegal drugs in all strata of Philippine society and the breakdown of law and order.”

If you have been following me on Twitter you may have noticed every few days I tweet something along the lines of “#Duterte did nothing wrong,” followed by a news article detailing his ongoing genocide of the criminal class of the Philippines, or one of his hostile and nationalistic remarks towards his foreign critics. Some have likened the new Filipino president to be the “Trump of the Philippines,” but it has become increasingly clear that in comparison Trump is really a watered down Duterte. Rodrigo “the Punisher” Duterte doesn’t care what you think of him if you are not a stakeholder in improving the well-being of his nation. That means drug-dealers, mafias, corrupt business interests, American imperialists and their representatives, foreigners, NGOs, political liberals, cosmopolitans, the European Union, the United Nations, and “human rights” activists are Read More »

Who Opened the Borders?

President Lyndon Johnson signing the (((Hart-Celler))) Immigration and Nationality Act on Liberty Island on October 3, 1965


White babies born today are already a minority. Also, Whites are projected to be a minority by the year 2045. So how did we get here? For those of you high time preference goys who are too lazy to invest the time to read the masterpiece that is Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique, I will attempt to summarize his findings about the influence of Jewish intellectuals and organizations in fighting for a liberalized immigration policy.

The first question I am sure that some of you may be asking is, “Why would Jews want a multicultural society?” Multiculturalism serves both internal and external Jewish interests. Internally, it serves the interests of Jews because it allows for Jews to overtly advocate for policies in their interests rather than in a cryptic manner (similar to the NAACP and NCLR), thus legitimizing the preservation of a minority culture in the midst of a majority’s host society. Externally, it benefits Jewish interests because they simply become just another group in a sea of various ethnic groups, thus making it difficult to unite society in opposition to Jews. Historically, Jews have not fared well in ethnically homogeneous societies. Read More »


In the latest edition of the Fascist Pigs Podcast, Alex Fontana and Matt Parrot of the Traditionalist Workers Party discuss a range of issues, starting with the first Presidential debate and moving on to the rise of the Alt-Right, ‘country-club nationalism,’ the complexities of racial politics, Jewish power, the “evils” of the British Empire, Amish girls in cornfields, and “folklore racism.”

Inside France’s “The Jungle” Migrant Camp

Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute,

  • In 2001 alone, 54,000 people “attacked” the Channel Tunnel terminal in Calais and 5,000 had gotten through.
  • Migrants evicted from Calais moved to Paris and established a massive squatter camp at the Jardins d’Eole, a public park near the Gare du Nord station, from where high-speed Eurostar trains travel to and arrive from London. The area has become a magnet for human traffickers who charge migrants thousands of euros for fake travel documents, for passage to London.
  • The President of the Alpes-Maritimes region, Eric Ciotti, criticized the government’s “irresponsible” plan to relocate migrants in Calais to other parts of France. He said the plan would “proliferate a multitude of small Calais, genuine areas of lawlessness that exacerbate lasting tensions throughout the country.”
  • A whistleblower reported that volunteer aid workers at “The Jungle” were forging sexual relationships with migrants, including children. “Female volunteers having sex enforces the view (that many have) that volunteers are here for sex,” he said.

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Nationalism Is Continuity

Csanad Szegedi

A small amount of irony emerged when former Jobbik leader Csanad Szegedi recognized his Jewish heritage, and shifted his Nationalism toward the Jewish people:

Csanad Szegedi had been a rising star in the anti-immigration party Jobbik, which had been accused of anti-Semitism, when he admitted his grandmother was a Holocaust survivor in 2012.

Following the discovery of his family’s tragic history, the 34-year-old renounced all ties to the party and converted to Judaism.

Now he told Hebrew language newspaper Ma’ariv he is waiting to become an Israeli citizen so he contribute to the fight against anti-Semitism.

On the surface, according to the Modern Moron™ mindset, he has reversed his position. He went from “racism” to being a defender of Judaism.

But looking beneath the surface, as any competent member of society should be able to, he kept his principles intact: he is a Nationalist. When he learned that he was of a different people than he knew, he kept his Nationalism intact and put it to work for that other group.

Nationalism — unlike universalism — can transfer between groups. If we are all working toward Nationalism, we mean that each of our tribes exist entirely separate from the others, and therefore, that our only conflicts are territorial. The constant low-grade enmity of diversity vanishes.

Csanad Szegedi took his strong European Nationalist feelings and applied them toward Jewish Nationalism (Zionism) instead when he encountered new information about who he was. This is the type of honest and forthright belief that is possible under Nationalism, but not under democracy.

On Tulsa, North Carolina, and the Charlotte Riots


Black people were once again shot by police and so there are once again violent BLM riots in which people are dying. As usual, it is not clear that either police officer committed murder and, if they did, that it had anything to do with race.

The first incident occurred in Tulsa. Police encountered Terrence Crutcher who was unresponsive to their commands. They thought he had a weapon and ordered him to stop approaching his car. He continued to approach his vehicle, with his hands up, and they shot him.

The second incident occurred in North Carolina where police say that Keith Lamont Scott got out of his car with his gun and then refused to drop his weapon. The family says that he was sitting in his car reading a book when the police shot him. The police have recovered a gun from the scene but no book. Read More »

Everything You Need To Know About Gold In 50 Stunning Slides

Pater Tenebrarum via,

A Companion Update to this Year’s “In Gold We Trust” Report

Our good friends Ronnie Stoeferle and Mark Valek of Incrementum AG have just published a new chart book, which recaps and updates charts originally shown in this year’s 10th anniversary edition of the “In Gold We Trust” report and provides an overview of recent developments relevant to the gold market. The chart book can be downloaded in PDF form via the link at the end of this post.

Queen Elizabeth skeptically eyes what little is left of England's once sizable gold hoard Read More »