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No one knows what conservatives conserve anymore. The average person thinks that conservatives preserve the current social order, which is far from true for anyone who has a conservative outlook; to such a person, we live in a fallen time and what is required is an undoing of the radical changes that have occurred, knowing that such changes will appear “radical” or “extreme” solely because we are so far off the path.

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Why the Left hates HP Lovecraft



They hate Lovecraft because he saw the future, and the evil that the immigrants would commit, and the harm they would do to America, much more clearly than any of the vaunted science fiction writers ever did.

The Street
H.P. Lovecraft

There be those who say that things and places have souls, and there be those who say they have not; I dare not say, myself, but I will tell of The Street.

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The Wall Just Got Ten Memes Higher

The following is the draft of a speech delivered at the Third NY Forum:

A few months ago, I was asked if I would be interested in speaking at the next one of these. So I said sure, why not? I didn’t really know what I was going to talk about, but I said I was sure something would happen by then worth covering.

I figured we’d get a terrorist attack somewhere in Greater Europe, maybe France or the United States. France had a pretty bad month in July actually and just last week stopped a bomb plot outside Notre Dame cathedral. But we already know about removing kebabs. It’s important, but not interesting. This stuff happens every few months.

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The Scourge of “Pseudo”

Most readers of this blog will be familiar with the left’s quite brilliant use of semantics and sophistry, often completely ignoring the facts and data in favour of clever wordplay. Examples include erroneously appropriating virtuous sounding words like “liberal” and “progressive” for themselves and branding their opponents as suffering from various “isms” and “phobias” that are suggestive of mental illness. One of the most pernicious examples of the left’s cunning use of language is their use of the word “pseudo” as a prefix to any academic work or idea that contradicts their world view. In particular, “pseudo-science” and “pseudo-intellectual”. The Oxford English dictionary defines Pseudo as:

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The New Newspeak: In Music

The media, and the popular culture it generates, permeating through every facet of our society, have gone to hell. Our circles have known about this for a long time, as well as (((who))) is behind it, but, even outside of our purview, people are beginning to pick up on this. Music is now composed of nothing but pejorative slurs, clichéd expressions, and mindless degenerate messages. Cinema and television are the same stories that have been told time and time again, repackaged with new colors and images, cast and recast to be sold to the lowest common denominator. Literature, the last bastion of the thinking man, is being invaded, in a manner predicted by one of the great classics of the literary world.
In 1949, George Orwell wrote the book that would bring him the most fame, 1984. 1984 painted a horrific picture of a dystopian future under an all-encompassing communist dictatorship. One of the more subtle horrors in this vision of things to come is a form of

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The Uppity Negro


There is something hardwired in all of us that rages when we see a member of another Tribe acting defiant amongst us.

In this we find the origin of the Uppity Negro trope that afflicts the South: if someone is not of our Tribe, his duty is to act deferential and respectful, but if he starts acting jubilant and mocking us… then we know there is a problem.

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The Beauty Of Stress And Warfare


The modern world creates a vast amount of stress, but most of what is written on this topic misses the point becaue instead of seeking out the cause of stress, it becomes mired in victimology.

Richard Spencer mentioned in one podcast that people get “red pilled” by life (referring to the movie The Matrix) causing them to “see” realism. Psychologically this might be categorized as “developmental stress”. Here is one description:

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Everything to Everybody The Election of 1896

Karl Roverove-198x300
The Triumph of William McKinley: Why the Election of 1896 Still Matters
New York: Simon & Schuster, 2015

The presidential election of 1896 has a deep influence on American culture. The classic book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, first published in 1900, may have been an allegory of the election.[1] The election re-aligned political coalitions which gave Republicans the White House (minus the Woodrow Wilson exception) from 1896 until 1933. McKinley’s election also swept away much of the lingering bitterness of the Civil War.

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Rebel Yell 135: Jayoh de la Rey

This is Rebel Yell – a Southern Nationalist podcast of the Alt-Right. I’m you host, Musonius Rufus. For our 35th episode of Rebel Yell, our talk with Paddy Tarleton, last week, became a full-blown discussion with Jayoh de la Rey about the decay of White societies in the United States and Africa.

Esoteric Kekism is a Religion of Peace


Catlady Ascendancy hierophant Hillary Clinton recently published a post on her campaign website blaspheming against the avatar Pepe, who is a meme incarnation of the Egyptian pagan god of chaos, Kek. The offensive post, “Donald Trump, Pepe the frog, and white supremacists: an explainer,” describes one of the freshest pepes, a photoshopped movie poster for The Expendables movie franchise that instead features The Deplorables, as “an odd photo” and the “frog standing directly behind Trump” as “a symbol associated with white supremacy.”

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The Alt Right & the Jews


Certainly the most basic issue of the Alt Right is that it is entirely legitimate for Whites to identify as Whites and to pursue their interests as Whites, such as resisting attempts to make White Americans a minority

Ethnic and racial identities are common among all other groups, and, despite constant propaganda emanating from centers of media and academic power, Whites should be no exception. Voluntarily ceding political and cultural power is the ultimate foolishness, particularly in an atmosphere of non-White grievance and the hostility towards Whites, their history and their culture, that is so apparent today.

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The Moral Bankruptcy Of Black Lives Matter UK

On the day Black Lives Matter UK invaded Heathrow airport and disrupted the holiday schedule of thousands of white families, the London Evening Standard carried a video taken from CCTV footage of a white woman being dragged off her feet by her neck and violently mugged by two blacks, having a ring yanked from her finger. As the Lefties and black activists crowed on Twitter about the havoc they had caused at Heathrow, that white woman was sitting with a police medic, in shock and traumatized, calling her family to explain she’d been mugged.

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Jews Are Not White People (a Response to a Response)

Dennis Prager

Recently, Jewish conservative Dennis Prager made the commonsense argument that Jews should quit supporting Leftist causes because the Left, as he says, “is not our friend.” His piece, which appeared in the Jewish Journal on August 31, describes quite clearly how leftist radical organizations such as Black Lives Matter, MoveOn, Code Pink, and others reject not only Israel’s right to exist, but also the rights of Israel-supporting Jews to be part of these organizations.

Yet Left-wing Jews continue to support them. Prager gives the example of prominent Jews such as Leonard Bernstein and Sidney Lumet who lent their support to the Black Panthers in the 1970s despite knowing what violent thugs the Panthers really were. But this love for left-wing causes, as Prager points out, “has never been reciprocated. The left (not traditional liberals, it must be noted) has been Jew-hating (and later, Israel-hating) throughout its history.”

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Safe East European Home


easterneurope-260x195The ancestral continent of all White people, Europe, can still be roughly divided in two according to the results of World War II. The East, which remained under Communist occupation for half a century, is still different in many aspects from the West. Most importantly, this difference is manifested in values and philosophical outlooks on the world. As compared to the West, Eastern Europe looks like more of a nationalist stronghold with each passing year.

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The Fault Lines of 9/11

I remember 9/11. It’s not something you forget. It traumatized an entire country for months, but how people reacted to it then and interpret it now is probably the world’s most macabre Rorschach test. What did it all mean? What had happened? What was happening? What was going to happen next? Why? How people who lived through 9/11 answer these questions and whatever consensus is ultimately ironed out to be fed to future generations is of no small importance. 9/11, more than any other event in US history since the Civil War, will be the ever present past for a long time to come.

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100+ Reasons to Cease & Desist from Any Further Holocaust Commemoration

Nikolai Getman, Gulag Prisoners

Editor’s Note:

Dara Halley-James is the pseudonym of an author who has published well-received “mainstream” books under her real name. The following is the first in an extended series of excerpts from the penultimate draft of the forthcoming book The Sixty Million: How Leading Jewish Communists, Zionists and Neocons Brought on a Dozen Holocausts.

1. The ‘vale of tears’ fabrication that implies that average Jews have had it much worse over the past millennium than have average Gentiles, when in fact Jewish evolutionary strategy has been to ally Jewish communities with the higher ranks of the Gentile ‘powers that be’, which invariably entailed the protection of the Jewish community by those ‘powers that be’ in return for rendering the economic service of optimally exploiting the peasantry—that protection and economic role constituting a highly-desirable combination that would have been the envy of Gentile commoners.

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Introduction to Aristotle’s Politics

Author’s Note:aristotle-250x300

The following introduction to Aristotle’s Politics focuses on the issues of freedom and popular government. It is a reworking of a more “academic” text penned in 2001.

Part I: The Aim and Elements of Politics

1. The Necessity of Politics

Aristotle is famous for holding that man is by nature a political animal. But what does this mean? Aristotle explains that,

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