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The Real Obama Legacy, Part 3: Race Relations

Obama was voted into office on the promise of “Hope and Change,” and chief among the many hopes for many voters was that there would be a dramatic improvement in race relations. This did not occur. In fact, Gallup polls showing historical trends found that racial attitudes for both Blacks and Whites were substantially worse after nearly 8 years of Obama than prior to that. Importantly, the dropoff really began in 2013, after Obama’s reelection.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Meme

We owe a great debt of gratitude to J. R. R. Tolkien, who embodied the medieval bardic tradition, and penned his epic tale in rebuke of mechanized modernity. I doubt even Tolkien could have predicted that some fifty years later, his story would look more like prophecy than fable. Then again, Tolkien probably sensed Europe had entered its twilight. The Great European Civil War of the twentieth century, which Tolkien fought in during its first phase, impressed upon him that modernity, with its unrelenting industry (capitalism) and hi-tech weaponry, was destroying the West. He longed for a return to the agricultural and yeoman values idealized in his depiction of the Shire, to the hierarchical and kingly values that he envisioned in Aragorn, and the Nordic ideals of beauty and perfection he represented in the Elves. The march of modernity, however, has continued unabated, accelerating at an exponentially increasing rate. In the meantime, the slow drip of decay has swiftly moved into the phase of invasion and struggle. Now, more than ever, The Lord of the Rings (henceforth LOTR) is a source of inspiration for our people.

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A White Hot Fire Rises

There are signs of volcanic life surfacing in long dormant White America. A White hot fire rises. Recently, I saw one such sign, a very small sign, but magnificently portentous because it was an act of pro-White rebellion committed deep in the heart of a decadent anti-White shitlibopolis; the nature of the act was one that I had not encountered before in the wilds of any SWPLville.

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The Border Mindset

My Code

Peter Paul Rubens, "The Four Philosophers," with a bust of Seneca, 1611-1612
Peter Paul Rubens, “The Four Philosophers,” with a bust of Seneca, 1611-1612

A few years ago, I decided I needed a code to live by: a set of principles to guide my life. Now, it’s not as if I hadn’t already discovered some principles that seemed right to me; it wasn’t as if I was flying blind, without any convictions. But I had never sat down and reflected on exactly what my “code” consisted in, and put it all on paper. So, I decided one day to do just that.

But nothing I do usually turns out to be easy or simple. And my little exercise in reflection actually turned into a research project. I wound up spending days culling various sources for little nuggets of “practical wisdom.” These included Aristotle (from whom I borrowed quite a lot), the Stoics and Epicureans, the Eddas and Sagas, medieval Chivalry, Japanese Bushido, Tyler Durden, G. I. Gurdjieff and various other mystics, swamis, and gurus – and even Indian Shaivism (as represented to the West by Alain Daniélou). Read More »

The Black Heart Of Darkness

A few weeks ago I was out walking the fields with my dog when she bolted after a rabbit grabbing it before it managed to escape into the hedge. With her jaws locked across the rabbit’s back my terrier then proceeded to vigorously shake the rabbit from side to side, breaking its spine and rupturing its internal organs, the rabbit squealed and went limp, the dog then dropped the rabbit and watched, amused with a slowly wagging tale, as life left the rabbit. The whole spectacle took about 15 seconds to play out and after I watched the dog to see if the killing had made an impact, did the dog understand what it had done? did it ‘feel’ anything at all?. The answer of course is no, it did not ‘care’ in any way shape or form, indeed, it is incapable of caring. Read More »

Ethnic Diversity and the Economy

This article will examine the link between ethnic diversity and economic success at the national, local, and group level. As will be seen, though not definitive, evidence at each level of aggregation suggests that ethnic diversity has a negative impact on economic prosperity. Before turning to the empirical evidence, let’s take a moment to see why, theoretically, ethnic diversity might be good, or bad, for the economy. Read More »

A Current Year™ Listicle: The “They Had It Coming” Catalogue


Defenders of #BlackLivesMatter routinely defend the Black racist organization by saying that its message does not imply other lives don’t matter. It’s not a zero-sum game, we are sanctimoniously told:

It’s the same dynamic that researchers at Harvard Business School described in a recent study: White people tend to see racism as a zero-sum game, meaning that gains for African Americans come at their expense. Black people see it differently. From their point of view, the rights pie can get bigger for everyone. Read More »

Madison Grant and the American Nation

The critic Northop Frye wrote of Oswald Spengler’s magnum opus, “If The Decline of the West were nothing else, it would still be one of the world’s great Romantic poems.”[1] Much the same could be said of Madison Grant’s Conquest of the Continent, or rather that it is, all at once, a great history and a great poem. The book is exhaustively researched, with some four years of preparatory work[2], and it announces itself, modestly and scholarly, as “an effort to make an estimate of the various elements, national and racial, existing in the present population of the United States and to trace their arrival and subsequent spread.” At the same time, Conquest is a grand vision of bio-cultural struggle and evolution, in which demography comes alive.

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Whose America First?

One of the most remarkable turn of events in America’s 2016 election has been the revitalization of the phrase “America First!” America First as a slogan has its origins in the pre-World War II America First Committee which was dedicated to keeping the United States out of that war. It was a slogan that energized many in the hinterlands against what they saw as a useless entanglement over foreign interests many thousands of miles away. Notable supporters of the Committee included future presidents John F. Kennedy and Gerald Ford along with cultural figures like Walt Disney, Frank Lloyd Wright and E.E. Cummings. It even included many leftists independent of communist marching orders like Norman Thomas. And of course, there was its most noted celebrity spokesman, aviator Charles Lindbergh.

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Colonialism did not Make Africa Poor

Africa is a big place with a lot of history, but is treated as a single entity in modern political discussions. Before going over the charts, consider this:

In 1950, the continent of Africa (including North Africa) had a population of 230 million.

In 2015, that number had increased to 1,166 million (1.166 billion).

This is a quintupling of the population. Is Europe directly responsible for that? Did they pay Africans to overbreed? This, the most important factor in Africa’s standard of living, is simply not mentioned. Read More »

Megyn Kelly goes to NBC

After which the God-Emperor Ascendant sent her to NBC, shorn, dishonored, unwanted, and unloved.

From the Carlos Slim blog:

Megyn Kelly, who arrived at Fox News 12 years ago as a television news neophyte but rose to become one of its two biggest stars, has decided to leave the network to take on a broad new role at NBC News for an undisclosed amount, people briefed on the negotiations said on Tuesday.

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Jon Stewart on Trump: Progressive Hypocrisy and the Hostile Elite’s Plan for America

Jon Stewart (or, as  Donald Trump called him, (((Jonathan Leibowitz))), former host of Comedy Central’s Daily Show, in a recent interview while promoting his new book Oral History, tried his best to smooth over what he sees as a real setback in the recent election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency.

In doing so, however, he revealed the operational long-term objective of America’s elite and how it has completely rewritten the White Anglo-Saxon founding and history of America into the New Multi-cultural, Multi-ethnic Imperative.  This is notable because it is rare when a prominent member of America’s cultural elite such as Stewart so blatantly exposes its real agenda.

For those who want a succinct analysis, I’ll provide it below.  For those with the stomach to watch the short CBS interview, here it is:

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Donald Trump as Zionist

Given the record of frosty relations with Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Obama’s parting shot at Israel comes as no surprise. After years of standing up for Israel at the UN Security Council, the US has abstained from a resolution that, among other things, “reaffirms that the establishment by Israel of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law and a major obstacle to the achievement of the two-State solution and a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.” The resolution was framed by the US as intended to salvage the last vestiges of hope for a two-state solution in a situation where, as US UN Ambassador Samantha Power noted in her speech following the vote, there are 590,000 Israelis living on the West Bank. She also noted that Israel’s Netanyahu’s claim to still be pursuing a two-state solution contradicts his stated policy of being the most pro-settlement government in Israel’s history. Read More »

White Renegade of the Year—2016


Glenn Beck heads towards well-deserved oblivion.

You could argue it didn’t begin with Donald Trump. Or Ron Paul. Or even the Alt-Right. The resurgence of populism and white identity politics began with Glenn Beck.

The first time observers started to see the rising Middle American Revolution was in 2010 at Mr. Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally. An estimated 87,000 overwhelmingly white Americans gathered on the mall, for a purpose no one could really define. Was it a religious revival? A celebration of patriotism? An expression of outrage? Each attendee and speaker had a different answer.

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The Year Of The Beast And The Illusion Of Permanence

You’d have to have a hard heart indeed not to be mildly moved by the poetic tragedy of Debbie Reynolds dying just a day after her daughter, (((Carrie Fisher))). And just days before the passing of (((Carrie Fisher))), (((George Michael’s))) heart gave out one last time. A few days after Donald Trump was elected (((Leonard Cohen))) passed away prompting (((Jonathon Freedland))) to write in The Guardian ”Trump’s world is too dark – even for Leonard Cohen”. At the beginning of 2016 we lost Starman David Bowie and at the end we lost Star Wars’s Princess Leia, and in-between the western political landscape was under a seemingly relentless populist revolt.

In the liberal mind, then, 2016 has become a by-word for defeat, misery, death and failure: Read More »