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Either Jewish or Democratic: Kerry on Israel

Rogue One: Whites at War with Ourselves

Cinematic trailers for the next movies are often more revealing than the movie itself for the moral universe of Hollywood. Before the opening spaceship shot of Rogue One, we were treated to a jump-cut sequence of multiracial families and half Negroid kids yelling cheerfully in suburban houses, followed up by a mixed-race man waving a book and repeating “Love, love, love, love, love!” at the top of his lungs in complete tearful hysterics. Of course, it was a Google advert. Advertising what? Google. Google is Love, Google is Life.

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Diversity & the Rape of Justice


Leftists will accuse white men of fueling “rape culture” for sitting with their legs spread too far apart. But they’ve been excusing non-whites for committing actual acts of rape since well before the mass sexual assaults in Germany in 2016. The Cologne attacks on New Years’ Eve didn’t represent the beginning of these trends—they just exposed to the wider public more clearly something that some of us have already been observing for a long time. 

In 2010, for example, a liberal activist in Haiti wrote the following:

Two weeks ago, on a Monday morning, I started to write what I thought was a very clever editorial about violence against women in Haiti. The case, I believed, was being overstated by women’s organizations in need of additional resources. Ever committed to preserving the dignity of Black men in a world which constantly stereotypes them as violent savages, I viewed this writing as yet one more opportunity to fight “the man” on behalf of my brothers. That night, before I could finish the piece, I was held on a rooftop in Haiti and raped repeatedly by one of the very men who I had spent the bulk of my life advocating for.

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How Blacks Changed Our School


A once-vital Catholic school is now is steep decline.

I am a teacher at a small Catholic school, where I have taught for over 15 years. During that time I have seen a massive demographic shift in the student population. As you might expect, the effects have been mostly—and significantly—negative. This shift closely mirrors the overall trends in our society in terms of its effects on group behavior and identity, and the future of our country.

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Precedents for Pizzagate

Marc Dutroux, Belgian pedophile, sadist, and serial killer with friends in high places

To reiterate a point that should be clear to the more astute reader, my goal in this series (part 1, part 2) has not been to defend “Pizzagate” as such. My goal has been to defend the people who want to investigate it against specific accusations levied against them by people who think Pizzagate has revealed no intriguing information at all—for a specific reason, which I will be honing in and focusing on much more directly in this closing entry. 

Whereas the mainstream critics of Pizzagate would have you believe that the dividing line is between paranoid conspiracy theorist followers of “fake news” and level-headed people who follow trustworthy news sources and rely on cold, hard reason to determine the truth, my goal has been to show that—whatever is or is not happening with Pizzagate itself—this framing of the issue is arrogant, insulting, and the product of extremely narrow tunnel vision.

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The Role Of ‘Spaces’ In The Progressive Worldview

A fairly recent development in leftist practice has been the creation of “safe spaces” on college campuses. These are usually rooms filled with plush toys, coloring books, soothing music, and cute cat videos, and are ostensibly intended to comfort students triggered by some microaggression inflicted upon them by an agent of the cis-white-hetero-patriarchy. Lampooning these safe spaces and the coddled children curling up in them has become something of a sport among right-leaning folks: the real world, after all, is nowhere near safe, nor should it be.

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The Unbearable Burden

The White Man’s Unbearable Burden

Author Nikesh Shukla—a fat brown man who appears to sweat a lot—has just been named one of Foreign Policy magazine’s “100 Global Thinkers of 2016.” He won this award for his work focusing on the “unbearable whiteness of publishing.” Ironically, his surname is a word of Sanskrit origin meaning “white.”

In books such as The Good Immigrant, the British citizen complains that British society is unfairly dominated by indigenous Britons.

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Somebody’s Spreading the STDs

The Real Obama Legacy, Part 1: Foreign Policy


How will Obama be viewed historically? The obvious answer is: in two completely different ways. First, he is now, has been, and will be remembered as one of our greatest, most consequential presidents … by the far left “Mainstream” Media who have uncritically supported him all along. According to a recent CNN broadcast, Obama’s leading accomplishments are “comprehensive healthcare, the rescue of the global economy, the historic deal with Iran to halt that nation’s march towards a nuclear weapon, the global climate change agreements, the appointment of two women to the U.S. Supreme Court, and his moves on social issues such as marriage equality for gay Americans, equal pay legislation, criminal justice reform, and more.”

The second answer is not so generous.

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German police diligently guarding a piece of tape.

Damn! I hate these terrorist attacks that have now become the “new normal.” I hate them for the usual reasons—the horror and tragedy of perfectly innocent people, especially children, being mowed down at random—but I also hate them for more unorthodox reasons, because I am a White Inferiorist.

What exactly does that mean? Well, if you’re in the Alt-Right and somebody who isn’t knows it, there is a good chance they will call you a “White Supremacist” among other things.

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Xenoskepticism is a Good Rule of Thumb

Affirmative Action

A black kid from an upper-middle income family and school will get more preferential admissions treatment than this girl will.

What an Orwellian euphemism, “affirmative action”.

1997 SAT Data

In 1997, Stephen Epinshade found that being black is worth 230 points on the SAT, being hispanic is worth 185 points, being asian costs you 50 points, and being a legacy is worth 160 points when applying to a university.

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Planting America: State-Sponsored Demographic Change and the Precedent of Ulster

R-Type Final And The War Against Degeneracy

“Scientists have often been baffled by the existence of spontaneous order in the universe. The laws of thermodynamics seem to dictate the opposite, that nature should inexorably degenerate toward a state of greater disorder, greater entropy. Yet all around us we see magnificent structures—galaxies, cells, ecosystems, human beings—that have all somehow managed to assemble themselves.”

I was recently clearing out some old junk when I happened to come across an old Playstation 2 and a couple of games. In a more innocent time I, like many other men, frittered away countless hours playing video games, but one of the games I rediscovered recently rekindled some old memories and when I caved in to temptation and hooked it up I could see why.

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Muh Leppo: The Battle Cry of the Jingocuck


Have you heard the news? There’s a humanitarian disaster unfolding in a Leppo because an evil dictator is dropping bombs and airstrikes on his own people. Civilians are being killed in a war. We’ve got to do something, and by something I mean bomb the winning side because reasons (which will prolong the war actually).

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Tolerance Is Weakness

Nothing grows Forever

One serious predicament we face is that the current leaders in the halls of monetary and political power do not appear to understand the dimensions of our situation. The mind-boggling part about it is that the situation is easy to understand.

Our collective predicament is simply this: Nothing can grow forever.

Sooner or later, everything must cease growing, or it will exhaust its environs and thereby destroy itself.  The Fed is busy doing everything in its considerable power to get credit (that is, debt) growing again so that we can get back to what it considers to be “normal.”

But the problem is or the predicament, I should more accurately say is that the recent past was not normal.  You’ve probably all seen this next chart.  It shows total debt in the U.S. as a percent of GDP:

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What Diverse Countries Really Look Like

We are often told that ethnic diversity is a strength. Given this, we should expect that diverse countries are, in various ways, better than homogenous ones. Let’s take a look at how accurate this expectation is.

To look at this question empirically, I used data on life expectancy, life satisfaction, and national wealth from the 2016 World Happiness Report and data on ethnic diversity from Alesina et al. (2003). Conceptually, ethnic diversity is defined as the probability that two people randomly selected from a nation will not be of the same ethnic group.

As it turns out, the more ethnically diverse a nation is the less happy its population tends to be. Across 129 nations, the correlation between diversity and national life satisfaction is -.40 which is a moderately strong negative correlation by conventional standards.

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Raid on Eben-Emael