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Johann Gottfried Herder: Multiculturalism Or European Perfection?

The pursuit of truthfulness has been a uniquely Western ambition since the ancient Greeks came to discover that humans have a faculty called “mind” or “nous” that is distinguishable from bodily appetites and the “spirited” personal emotions, which allows human beings to think rationally in accordance with logical principles and factually demonstrated evidence over and above one’s inclinations and the taken for granted conventions of the time.

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Carl Schmitt Is Right: Liberal Nations Have Open Borders Because They Have No Concept of the Political

Before World War II liberal rights were understood among Western states in a libertarian and ethno-nationalistic way. Freedom of association, for example, was understood to include the right to refuse to associate with certain members of certain ethnic groups, even the right to discriminate in employment practices. This racial liberalism was still institutionalized right up until the 1960s. The settler nations of Australia, Canada, United States, and New Zealand enjoyed admission and naturalization policies based on race and culture, intended to keep these nations “White.” This liberal racial ethos was socially accepted with a good conscience throughout Western society. As …

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Michael Ignatieff and the Canadian Non-White Rights Revolution

We are constantly told Canada has a “distinctive” multicultural identity in the world. The constitutional recognition of multiculturalism as a “Canadian value” in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982), and the announcement in the Canadian Multiculturalism Act of 1988 that the “preservation and enhancement of multiculturalism” is a vital objective of the government, are regularly invoked as legally enacted expressions of this “distinctively Canadian” identity.

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