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No Country for White Men?

At the end of the nineteenth century a fatuous humanitarianism prevailed and immigrants of all kinds were welcomed to “The Refuge of the Oppressed,” regardless of whether they were needed in our industrial development or whether they tended to debase our racial unity. The “Myth of the Melting Pot” was, at that time, deemed by the unthinking to be a part of our national creed. – Madison Grant, Conquest of a Continent

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Donald Trump: American Legend

Donald Trump’s victory could not be more inspiring and Hillary Clinton’s defeat could not be more humiliating. While white people across the red heartland are celebrating, people of color in blue cities are rioting, underscoring why there was a so-called “whitelash” in the first place. The Left has long-denied that they were remaking the country through mass-immigration from the Third World – even though this dispossession was plain to see – but over the past few years, sensing victory, they dropped their guard and began fantasizing about how they would reign supreme once whites became a minority. The Left showed …

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The Election Tragedy

Regardless of who wins the looming presidential election – and as of now, in an attempted psy-op to demoralize Trump voters, the media is heavily overweighting Democrat voters in its polls – this election has been a tragedy for a number of reasons. The Stakes It is a tragedy that the stakes of a presidential election have risen this high. The President is supposed to be subordinate to the Congress, not a king with the power of the purse and the sword in his – and hopefully not her – hands.

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What Pisses Me Off About The Atlantic

An old friend of mine recently announced that despite his “classical liberal principles” he had no choice but to vote for Hillary Clinton, as Donald Trump is – according to Clinton and her minions in the media, at least – a bigot and a demagogue. As part of his super-signaling announcement, he shared an article from The Atlantic.

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