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An Evil Virus Called Populism

What is the difference between a “people’s uprising” and “dangerous populism”? As far as I can tell from trawling the media’s usage of these terms, a “people’s uprising” is often violent, but it never seems to worry the media nor the powers that be. “Populism,” on the other hand, is framed as a dangerous metastasizing of a rancid, stupid peasantry’s baser instincts. These rubes are so dumb, they are easily manipulated by oligarchs that are only lying to them and don’t really care about them at all. Although it hardly ever manifests in violence, well, you know, many considered Hitler …

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The Unbearable Burden

Author Nikesh Shukla—a fat brown man who appears to sweat a lot—has just been named one of Foreign Policy magazine’s “100 Global Thinkers of 2016.” He won this award for his work focusing on the “unbearable whiteness of publishing.” Ironically, his surname is a word of Sanskrit origin meaning “white.” In books such as The Good Immigrant, the British citizen complains that British society is unfairly dominated by indigenous Britons. I think I’ll move to India, bitch about how the Indian publishing industry is stacked in favor of Indians, and then expect to receive grants and awards…or maybe not.

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Whiteness: The Original Sin

According to the modern moral framework as it’s dictated to us by academia’s huddled rodents, the worst possible thing anyone can be is a racist. We are also increasingly lectured that all white people are racist—so racist, they don’t even realize it, even when they’re trying their best not to be racist. Therefore, it’s not a giant leap to assume that under the current moral Reich, the worst possible thing anyone can be is a white person.

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