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Whose America First?

One of the most remarkable turn of events in America’s 2016 election has been the revitalization of the phrase “America First!” America First as a slogan has its origins in the pre-World War II America First Committee which was dedicated to keeping the United States out of that war. It was a slogan that energized many in the hinterlands against what they saw as a useless entanglement over foreign interests many thousands of miles away. Notable supporters of the Committee included future presidents John F. Kennedy and Gerald Ford along with cultural figures like Walt Disney, Frank Lloyd Wright and …

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The Sickness Unto Death

Rouen, Nice, Ansbach, Munich… It seems like we can’t go a week without a new Muslim attack in Europe. The latest attack in Normandy is a grisly reminder of the wages of our ‘tolerance’ and respect for ‘diversity.’ After all, it is our strength, or so the clerics of our way of life tell us.

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