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The End of White Celebrity

Whiteness is a birth defect.  For the mainstream media, it was a bona fide crisis. Blake Shelton, a European-American country singer and a host of The Voice, whom I had never heard of until yesterday morning,was named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man In The World.” The result was outrage. Marlow Stern at the Daily Beast declared grandly that “people” are in a “justifiable uproar given Mr. Shelton’s history of homophobic and racist comments.” “Many on social media are blasting the magazine’s decision, calling upon Mr. Shelton’s past tweets that have been labeled as racist, misogynistic and homophobic,” sniffed Fox News. “Some are disheartened by Mr. Shelton’s history of making …

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White Renegade of the Year—2016

Glenn Beck heads towards well-deserved oblivion. You could argue it didn’t begin with Donald Trump. Or Ron Paul. Or even the Alt-Right. The resurgence of populism and white identity politics began with Glenn Beck. The first time observers started to see the rising Middle American Revolution was in 2010 at Mr. Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally. An estimated 87,000 overwhelmingly white Americans gathered on the mall, for a purpose no one could really define. Was it a religious revival? A celebration of patriotism? An expression of outrage? Each attendee and speaker had a different answer.

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The Rigged System

It’s amazing what liberals find “horrifying.” More men than women working in science and engineering fields is “horrifying.” Bernie Sanders supporters not voting for Hillary is “horrifying.” John Oliver thinks making fun of Anita Sarkeesian is “horrifying.” Making jokes about Leslie Jones (of affirmative action Ghostbusters fame) and leaking her nude photos is horrifying (all right, I’ll agree with that last one, albeit for different reasons than the journalists). But the most “horrifying” thing to leftists today is Trump. Vox has a new “horrifying” article about The Donald every week. And the thing that’s really scaring them is the idea …

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On LARPing

“How will we know we’ve won?” I shrugged. “That’s easy,” I said. “When we get executed for being too leftist.” Take a step back and look at the world we live in. Just look at the current headlines:

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The Cuckening

At CPAC, I once overheard the late Andrew Breitbart marvel in front of some of his groupies how progressives would think nothing of calling someone a “homophobe” and a “faggot” within the same sentence. “The inversion of values” is key to the leftist vision of morality. A “badass” and strong woman is one who complains the world isn’t fair enough. A man who isn’t a feminist is “afraid” and therefore weak, as are Whites who don’t want to hand away their countries to other peoples. Men who are aggressive and physically strong are actually “delicate” and acting out of fears …

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The Global Favela

Reality has a well-known racist bias. And the White minstrel and courtier Stephen Colbert veered a little too close to what leftists used to call the reality-based community when describing the chaos of the upcoming Rio Olympics.

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