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When Liberals are Called ‘Racists’

Can it be therapeutic? I suppose it happens everywhere. A famous liberal stays politically correct, blames whites for all the ills of the world, and lavishes praise on all who seek to destroy Europe or the West—only to become the next victim of a PC witch-hunt.

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In South Africa, Black Hair Matters

The unending saga of multi-racialism. South Africa’s experiment in racially integrated schools recently hit rough seas. A set of rules for hair styles at the prestigious and private Pretoria High School for Girls unleashed a “school hair storm,” according to a headline on the front page of the Johannesburg Star. Adolescent black girls ran from the school’s classical building screaming, “We are tired! We are tired!”

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Forty Years Since the Soweto Riots

A legacy of arson, destruction, and killing one’s benefactors. This is the 40th-year anniversary of one of the events that is said to have brought black rule in South Africa: the Soweto riots of 1976. The riots–now officially known as an “uprising”–are so central to the myths of black liberation that June 16, the day the violence began, is now celebrated as a national holiday known as “Youth Day.” The holiday was declared in 1995, the first full year of black rule, and is now one of the most important days on the propaganda calendar.

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